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Give One of These New Class Arrivals a Try!

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New Arrivals!

Want to learn how to knit, sew, crochet, embroider, whatever but you’re not sure where to start or are you an experienced maker that wants to fine-tune the basics? These classes are for you!

Tiered Ombre Cake with Fresh Flowers

The Quilter’s Path: 
Plan It, Stitch It, Quilt It

Custom Built-In Shelves

Sewing Essentials

English Paper Piecing

Getting Started with a 
Longarm Quilting Machine

The Ins & Outs of Embroidery

No-Jumping Strength

Fundamentals of Cabinet Making

Fundamentals of Furniture Making

Advanced Cake Topper

Sew Your Own Designer Handbag

Fun With Fat Quarters & Fat Eighths

DVD + Streaming Options

Watch anywhere, regardless of internet availability

Startup Library: Sewing

Startup Library: Crochet

Startup Library: Baking & Pastry

Startup Library: Quilting

Startup Library: Knitting

Startup Library: Painting with Acrylic

Startup Library: Cake Decorating

Startup Library: Learn to Draw

Startup Library: Colored Pencil

Startup Project: Modern 
Hand Embroidery

Startup Project: Watercolor & Still Life

Startup Project: Sew The Flirty Dress

Startup Project: Nature in Watercolor

Startup Project: Acrylic Ink 
Stain Painting

Startup Project: Creative 
Lifestyle Photography

Startup Project: Starry Path Quilt

Startup Project: Cable Knit Hat 
& Headband

Ready for the next step? Shop All Startup Projects

Use the skills you learned in your Startup Library course and 
expand your craft while creating something amazing

Startup Library: 
Painting with Watercolors

SINGER® Presents: 
Thread Painted Pillow

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Table Saw Essentials

Save 65% on All
New Arrivals!

Refresh Your Creativity Sale