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Explore Your Passion for Quilting

Our video instructors love what they do – and you’ll love joining them for each and every quilting video. They’ll break down those tricky steps and teach you a thing or two along the way.


Join the Craftsy Affiliate Program to become part of an exclusive community of creative influencers and get paid to promote what you love! As an affiliate, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own schedule, use your own platforms, and speak your own voice to spread the word about Craftsy.

Welcome to the Craftsy Affiliate Program





What Would You Like to Learn About? 

Why Should I Sign Up?

You’ll receive the support of our professional marketing and graphic design teams to help guide you and strengthen your own brand, all while getting great perks like access to hours of in-depth classes, connection to a tight-knit network of fellow entrepreneurs and competitive compensation that will allow you to grow your online business. Learn how to become a Craftsy affiliate today!  




How It Works

 1    Sign Up 

Create your very own ShareASale account to start the process.

  2    Share

Tell your friends + family about the classes and membership deals you have available. 

  3    Make Money!

By sharing your passion earn commission + awesome benefits! 




When you promote Craftsy memberships as an affiliate, you’ll receive a flat-rate commission of $20 for each Premium membership sold using your unique landing page. This $20 offer is only available for our content affiliates. Membership sales and any revenue you’ve earned can be easily tracked through your ShareASale account along with your individual class sales. 

Class Purchases

When you promote specific Craftsy classes to your followers, you’ll earn up to 20% commission on each class you sell. Choose from any of the classes on our list to promote the ones that align best with your personal brand! Like membership sales, class sales can be easily tracked in your ShareASale account.  




© Craftsy. All Rights Reserved. 

Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy

Earn Money with Craftsy

Resources & Support

Graphics Library

There’s no need to stress over creating your own graphics as a Craftsy affiliate. You’ll receive access to an in-depth graphics library that will help you stay on-brand with all your promotions. Our professionals will design and drop branded assets into ShareASale for you to use on your platforms.  

Class List

As a Craftsy affiliate, you’ll have the freedom to choose from an extensive list of all Craftsy classes and decide what you want to promote. We’ll send you a complete list and keep it updated regularly with new content so you’ll never run out of promotable material.




Coming Soon!

1. Affiliate Blog & Newsletter  

2. Annual Influencer Celebration

3. Promo Calendar

4. Connection to a Community of Influencers

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Complementary Craftsy Annual Membership

Products to Monetize 
Your Business

VIP Access

Complementary Online Business Courses

Professionally Designed Marketing Toolkit

Connection to Community of Influencers




Are You Ready to Become an Affiliate?

What is the Craftsy Affiliate Program and how does it work?

You help us spread the word about Craftsy! Share your love for the brand within your own communities, while earning cash and amazing benefits.

What do I promote?

You can choose the Craftsy product that best represents you and your brand! You will have a wide variety of products to promote - exclusive offers, memberships, new products, campaigns, events, and Craftsy classes.

What do I get when I become an affiliate?

Our benefits include:

- Generous compensation for products (memberships and classes). Coming soon - incentives for top producing affiliates!

- Access to classes to build your brand and monetize your business

- Professionally designed graphics and marketing toolkit

- Connection to other influencers, affiliates in the community

- VIP access to product launches, events, and more!

Who can become an affiliate?

If you have a passion for all things creative and want to generate revenue through your online platform (TikTok, IG, website and more) all you need is a ShareASale account.

How do I get paid?

Through your ShareASale account you will receive payment via check, direct deposit, or wire – your choice – every month for the sales made during the previous month.



Per Membership Sold

*Commissions amounts vary by affiliate category. See ShareASale for details.  

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Class Compensation

There's two great ways for you to get compensated with Craftsy!
Earn $10* per Membership or up to 20% Commission* per class.

Membership Compensation  

Next Steps Once You Have a ShareASale Account

1.Click here and sign into your account

2.On the top bar select “Merchants” > “Search for Merchants”

3.In the top left of the page, type “Craftsy” in the Search Box and click “GO”

4.When you see Craftsy, click “Join Program”

Or, you can access the Craftsy program directly with this link: Craftsy in ShareASaleIf you have any questions regarding Craftsy’s affiliate program, please contact affiliates@tnmarketing.com.


As an Affiliate



As an Instructor on Classes Sold


*Only available for Content Affiliates.